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Customer: FIS

A leading financial technology company that specializes in providing banking and payment solutions.

Solution Provided:

We provided metaverse banking app prototype developed using Unity. The prototype focused on creating a virtual environment that simulated a banking experience within the metaverse.


The metaverse banking app prototype was developed using Unity, a popular game development engine. Unity allowed for the creation of interactive 3D environments and provided the necessary tools for designing game assets, implementing game logic, and building the prototype. A webGL build was utilized to enable the prototype to be accessed through web browsers, providing a convenient and accessible experience.


Customer: Farmy

An Indian Start up Gaming Company

Solution Provided:

We provided Crypto Currency managed solution that integrated Metamask and provided a centralized dashboard for managing the customer's coins. The platform allowed users to connect their Metamask wallet, view their cryptocurrency balances, and perform actions such as buying, selling, and transferring coins. The integration of Metamask ensured secure and convenient access to their funds.


The website was built using React, a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces. The integration with Metamask and the handling of cryptocurrency transactions were facilitated by utilizing Moralis, a development platform for blockchain applications. Furthermore, scraped third-party APIs were utilized to gather specific cryptocurrency information for real-time data updates.


Customer: Chaalk

An Indian startup organization that required an advanced teaching board and website for educational purposes.

Solution Provided:

We provided web-based Learning management Solution. The white board allowed users to drop videos and images onto a shared canvas, facilitating interactive teaching and collaboration. Additionally, a pre-made selection of teaching material was available for users to utilize. The platform supported different user roles, including moderators, administrators, and creators, to manage and enhance the teaching experience.


The LMS Platform was built using Next.js, a popular React framework for server-side rendering and building web applications. This platform hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services), a cloud computing platform. Postgres, a powerful open-source relational database, was utilized for data storage and retrieval. The core application of the teaching board leveraged WebGL technology for rendering graphics and creating an interactive teaching environment. WebSockets were used to enable real-time sharing of the board among multiple users.


Customer: Artery

An Indian Start up Company.

Solution Provided:

The solution provided involved expanding the existing MVP of the scheduling app by incorporating the requested features. These additions aimed to streamline appointment scheduling for doctors, making it more efficient and organized.


The key differentiators of the enhanced scheduling app are its comprehensive feature set tailored specifically for doctors. With calendar integrations, doctors can manage their appointments seamlessly across different platforms. The email interpretation system automates the handling of appointment-related emails, saving time and reducing errors. These unique features set the app apart from other scheduling solutions, providing doctors with an efficient and reliable tool.