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NxtPro is a dynamic company at the forefront of the game industry, media and communications, and education. We excel in creating immersive gaming experiences that captivate players worldwide. Through our innovative media and communications strategies, we help companies reach their target audiences effectively. Additionally, we are committed to providing cutting-edge educational resources that empower individuals to unlock their full potential in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Media &

There has been a rise in OTT video streaming platforms and Digital services. M&E companies are being impacted by several emerging trends such as Artificial Intelligence, Immersive Reality, Metaverse, multi-platform content consumption and hyper personalization.

Free Ad support Streaming video, social media, and gaming are helping to enable new business models and reshaping media and entertainment. In addition, the proliferation of connected devices has led to data being generated in immense volumes. They are increasingly looking to embrace tech modernization while simultaneously focusing on their relationship with customers.

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Our Expertise

We are a one-stop solution provider in modernization your Digital streaming platforms to onboard various digital subscription services. We leverage our deep domain expertise to develop, integrate, deploy, monetize, and manage your next gen media services.

What We Do

  • Content Mastering & Operations
  • Metadata Enrichment Services
  • Localization
  • OTT Streaming & Super Aggregation
  • Free Ad Support TV
  • Multiscreen Applications
  • Media Analytics
  • Cloud Migration
  • Quality Engineering & Performance benchmark Testing
  • System Integration & Managed Services


The 5th generation mobile Networks is being commercially deployed worldwide. The momentum continue to grow as expending coverage and capacity unlock rich array of services. 6G will be more than new radio technology, it is envisioned as a smart wireless communications fabric that connects people and things with enabling merging physical, digital and virtual world.

This digital revolution has dramatically altered the consumption of data, content, and information. For telecom companies, this means ensuring secure and resilient communications while creating ecosystems for bundling products and services.

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Our Expertise

Nxtpro digital works with the top technology providers, helping Communication companies accelerate digital innovation and growth. Our industry expertise and precision insights to deliver seamless, personalized digital experiences services. Our extensive capabilities in direct-to-consumer services enhance efficiency and optimize revenue potential.

What We Do

  • Product & Network Consulting
  • Product Design and development
  • Network Planning & Desing
  • Network Applications & Accelerators
  • Network Deployment
  • Network Performance & Optimization
  • Network Testing & Automation
  • Network Zero touch provisioning
  • Network Analytics
  • Network Managed Services


Over the past couple of years, there is a rapid growth in the education-to-employment segment of the edtech sector. The education sector must adapt in line with this shift and reflect the fact that the essential, in-demand skills of the future will be very different from what has been taught in the past.

It is also necessary to evolve education delivery systems with digital technologies, students get to experience immersive and hyper personalization.

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Our Expertise

We develop innovative technology solutions for inclusive, affordable, and immersive learning.

What we do:

  • ERP School Management System
  • Personalised School Mobile & Web Applications
  • Virtual Live Class room streaming solutions
  • On demand Class room streaming solutions
  • Eduverse Platform - Metaverse Solution
  • UaaS (University as a Service) Platform
  • Vocational Courses Market Place
  • Digital Asset Management
  • AI enabled Parental Control Solutions
  • Student Analytics solutions.

Gaming &

The digital gaming industry has experienced explosive growth in recent years, driven by advancements in technology, increasing demand for high-quality gaming experiences and rise of mobile, desktop and other console device gaming. The deployment of the 5G technology will pave the way for cloud gaming market growth. This can be attributed to swift 5G connections and mobile ubiquity that are leveraged by cloud gaming firms to offer high quality gaming to smartphone users.